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The best way to produce electricity from your home or business is solar energy. Solar power is one of the most affordable, renewable energy sources available today.

Solar panels convert solar energy into electric power. Instead of buying electricity from your utility company, you can go solar, whereby your own home will supply it for free! From your solar system, electricity is directed to your home through existing wires and can be used to power all your appliances, machinery, lights, and AC.

Florida is an extraordinary place for us all. We live in a state with a deep community feel and stunning nature. But we often forget that we can take advantage of something that we take for granted: sunshine!

The Sunshine State richly deserves its name. It has more than 230 days of sun a year and an average of 72% of sunshine. Miami is the 15th sunniest city in the United States, in a state that is blessed with endless solar power. Solar energy works efficiently and produces electricity at its maximum in Florida. So, why switch to solar? Because going solar electric will offer huge savings on your utility bill.

Solar Prime USA is your one-stop shop for solar energy in West Palm Beach, Fl. We have the know-how, experience, and top installers to design and install the right solar systems for your roof and help harness the energy of the sun to power your entire home.

What is your average monthly utility bill?

The Benefits of Going Solar

Solar energy saves money on your electric bill

The most important benefit of going solar is that you will save money on your West Miami Beach electric energy bill. Since you will be producing electricity from your solar system, you won’t have to pay your power company for the electric energy your house consumes. 

Our solar panel installers at Solar Prime USA will make sure we install the right solar energy system for you, one that makes the most of your roof and covers all or a significant portion of your electricity needs.


We will never run out of sunshine

Our world is complicated and we often hear of scarcities. But one thing is for sure: we will never run out of sunshine. 

While gas and oil may eventually dry out, the sun will keep shining on. Your solar system will keep producing electricity no matter what is happening in the rest of the world. Your home or business will have electric power and you will even be able to charge your electric vehicle or heat your pool.

Solar is good for Florida, the environment, and your pocket!

Besides offering huge savings on your utility bill, solar panels are sustainable and use renewable energy. They don’t pollute and last for well over 30 years. 

When you produce electric power from solar, you are not producing any CO2 or other harmful by-products. That means you are keeping Florida’s air clean and healthy for your children while bringing down your electric bill.

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Our Solar Panel Installation Process

Solar Prime USA is a leading solar panel installation company that offers top-quality services. We have worked with hundreds of homeowners and have successfully installed solar panels on residential and commercial roofs across Florida and in West Palm Beach, Fl in particular. 

Our expertise in solar installations is extensive. We have worked in Florida for many years and we know the adverse weather conditions the state faces. Our solar panels are solid and built for harsh conditions, including high winds, storms, and hurricanes. 

We have created a solar panel installation process to help our customers make sense of how we work and how each step leads to the next. Our goal is to give our customers the certainty that their solar panel project is handled by professionals. We are at your service every step of the way so that you know where we are and what we are doing.

Why Choose Our Solar Panel Installation Company

We Choose the Best Solar Panels for Your West Palm Beach, Fl Property

There are many types of solar panels based on quality, size, and performance. Our technicians in Solar Prime USA will check and measure your roof, and design a solar panel system that is perfect for your family’s electricity needs. For example, small roofs require high-efficiency solar panels that deliver more power relative to their size. 

We inspect everything, from roof angle to roof slope, including areas that fall into shadow.

Steps Involved in Installing Solar Panels

We have devised a five-step installation process to help you understand how we work and what you can expect from Solar Prime USA. 

  • We sign the agreement
  • We put the finishing touches on your solar panel design and apply for a permit with the building department. 
  • When we have obtained the permit, we install the solar panels on your roof and apply for inspection. 
  • When the inspection is over, we ask the energy company to install the net metering so that your system is connected to the grid. 
  • Congratulations, you are now producing electricity from your very own roof!
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Services We Offer as a Solar Company in West Palm Beach, Fl

You can trust Solar Prime USA to offer the finest services regarding solar panel installation since we are one of the best solar companies in Florida. We take care of all necessary paperwork like permits and inspections so you only have to deal with us. We answer our phone and are always available to answer your questions and guide you through the process. In short, we are your local solar panel company. 

When you sign an agreement with Solar Prime USA you know you have a trustworthy partner to install the best solar panels on your roof.

Get in Touch for a Solar Panel Installation in West Palm Beach, Fl, and learn about solar

Contact us now online or call us today at 954-8888-438 to book your appointment, find out more information about solar power, and get your free quote. Our well-trained, committed team will be at your service, to discuss your project, the available tax incentives, financing, and possible green installations for you. Customer service is our top priority.

Visit us at 2115 Hollywood Blvd Suite 203, Hollywood, FL 33020, to learn more details about our best solar terms and our Zero Down program! We serve local communities such as Harris, Brazoria, Montgomery, Galveston, Beach County, Miramar, Pompano Beach, Davie, Sunrise, Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, Fl, and Fort Bend County.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install solar panels?

The actual process of installing solar panels on your roof is quick. Once we have the permit, we can install the solar panels in 2 to 4 days, depending on the difficulty of access to your roof. 

Inspection from the city officials could take longer. Also, the connection with the net metering with your utility company may require some additional time, which is something we are not in control of.

How much does it cost to install solar panels?

The cost of solar panels depends on the size of the solar panel system. Larger solar panel systems will cost more but will also deliver more electricity to your home, thus helping you save more. Call us today and get a free consultation and a free quote for your solar installation.

Are solar panels a good investment?

Solar energy systems will pay for themselves within 5 to 7 years. After that, you will be making a clear profit.

Quality solar panels last for at least 30 years. Beyond that, they still work but with decreased efficiency. 

Another important benefit is that solar panels may increase the value of your home by up to 10% in Florida. If you want to sell your home in West Palm Beach, Fl you will be getting a much higher price if you have already installed solar panels.

julie Castro
julie Castro
Helpful with school project, very knowledgeable staff and helped with solar project at Osceola Adventist Christian School.
Delice brain
Delice brain
They installed my solar system a few months ago ! I am very satisfied solar prime did the job good ! I didn’t pay anything before they installed everything on my roof ! I have 23 panels 370 watts it’s good for me 🌞
Rachelle Monchille
Rachelle Monchille
Thank you very much Solar prime usa they took good care of me , the installation of the solar system took 2 months! Representative was always responsive to all my questions! They came several time to check that my solar system was correctly installed! I recommend strongly this company 👍👍
Samuel Micelus
Samuel Micelus
Thank you solarprime usa its a great company and very good customer service , the permits was slow because of the city , but after this everything went very well , solar system is producing!
Carlui Marrero
Carlui Marrero
Excellent attention! Fast service! Very happy with customer service!
Roland Presume
Roland Presume
Great service, efficient program. Very satisfied and content
Jordan Hallam
Jordan Hallam
If you're looking for a solar company that values care, honesty & having your best interests at heart then use Solar Prime USA. These guys will look after you from start to finish and make sure you save as much money as possible

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