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Roofs are the unsung heroes of our homes. Since we rarely see them from the ground, we tend to take them for granted. And yet, a little water dripping down from a broken shingle is enough to threaten the entire house.

In many ways, the roof is the most crucial feature of your home. It protects your whole structure and makes sure your house stays dry and safe during hurricanes, storms, and high winds.

Florida is blessed with beautiful landscapes and amazing weather. Homeowners, however, must take into consideration how their roofs perform during hurricanes and rainstorms. They also need to ensure their roofs can withstand high temperatures and humidity.

If you want your roof to last for decades, call Solar Prime USA to install your roof with optimal craftsmanship and excellent materials.

Roof requirements

The roof must be built to withstand high winds, heavy rains, and scorching heat. Hurricanes can lift shingles and damage your roof. Heavy rainstorms require roofs that lead the rainwater away from the house rather than absorb it. As for scorching heat, you will want your roof to be as insulating and heat-repellent as possible.

What types of roofs are available?

Depending on the style of your house, your budget, and the aesthetic you want to follow, you can find the roof type that perfectly matches your needs and expectations.

Shingle roofs

Shingle roofs are the most budget-friendly option. They are widespread across the United States and their installation is straightforward. There are different qualities of roof shingles, starting from asphalt shingles and strip shingles—which are the lightest and most economical—to three-layered roof shingles, which are heavier and more stylish.

Heavier roof shingles do best during hurricanes because it is harder for high winds to lift them off their nails.

Metal roofs

Metal roofs are made of steel. They come in several colors and styles and can last up to 50 years. They are carefully designed to insulate from heat and are fire-resistant as a bonus. In addition, they don’t require heavy structures since metal is a relatively light material.

Metal roofs can withstand high winds up to 160 mph, which are common during hurricane season in Florida. They are more expensive than roof shingles but also more robust, better insulating, and better adapted to adverse weather conditions.

Tile roofs

Tile roofs are the most expensive type of roofing—but also the most durable. Their lifespan extends to 80 years with proper roof maintenance.

Homeowners can choose between clay roof tiles or concrete roof tiles. Clay tiles are heavy and water-repellant, which makes them appropriate for Florida’s weather conditions. They are also highly insulating against heat and are fire-resistant. In addition, clay tiles add a touch of tropical elegance.

If your roof structures can support the weight of clay tiles and your budget matches such an expense, clay tile roofs will give you peace of mind for decades. As a bonus, their color doesn’t fade with time, so the tiles will look good on your roof for a long time.

As for concrete roof tiles, they have a long lifespan of around 50 years and are slightly less expensive than clay tiles. They are also lighter, which means you don’t need a particularly heavy structure to support them.

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Signs you need a new roof

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Most people can rarely see their roofs from above and only realize something is going wrong when they see water in the attic and shingles falling off the roof. When something goes wrong with roofing, we certainly notice it!

Shingles that are torn, damaged, curled, or cracked are clear signs that your roof is falling apart and you need a new roof to protect your property and belongings.  

If you can see sunlight through cracks in your roof, then your roof’s integrity is questionable. Similarly, if you have signs of mold, moisture, and water seepage in your attic and your house, it means your roof has lost its insulation and is letting water pass through the shingles.

If you’ve had your roof for over 25 to 30 years, it may be time to install a new one. Metal roofs can get scraped with debris and clay tiles break. Asphalt shingles often can’t withstand high hurricane winds and are less heat tolerant than other types of roofs, leading them to curl with extreme heat—which may impact your roof’s integrity.

If it’s time for a new roof or to fix your old one, call Solar Prime USA for your roof installation!

What makes a good roof installation crew

Experienced roof installers

You want your roof installation to be perfect, as you don’t want to have any roofing issues for the foreseeable future. That is why you need an experienced, qualified, professional roof contractor.


First-rate roofing craftsmanship ensures that your roof installers cut no corners and know how to place assembled and joined shingles and tiles properly. In addition, nails should be hammered directly in a straight line and all the way through, otherwise your shingles will start to slide.

It is details like these that can make all the difference between a leaky roof and a sturdy one.

Attic ventilation and proper insulation

You need good attic ventilation to diminish humidity and keep a stable temperature throughout the year. Without good ventilation, you may run a risk of mold or moisture developing.

You want your roof to be properly insulated and energy-efficient so that you spend less on energy and electricity. In warm states like Florida, this can result in great economies in your use of the air conditioning system.

Install when the weather is right

You shouldn’t have your roof installed if it’s raining or on a very hot day, as heat and moisture affect the materials you are installing. For example, glue and other joining materials will not adhere properly in rain. Likewise, roofing materials may be affected by extreme heat.

You should wait for more temperate temperatures to have your roof installed.

Roof installation and solar panel installation

If you are considering a new roof installation, you should consider installing solar panels as well.

Solar panels will provide your home with free energy and reduce your electricity bill. They can also keep your house cool because they act as insulators on the roof. They may thus present a great opportunity to upgrade your roof and make your house more energy-efficient.

As a bonus, solar panels will increase the value of your house, so your property’s worth will improve both thanks to your new roof and the energy-saving panels!


What type of roofing material should I install?

The type of roofing material you should install depends on your specific circumstances. The best roofing materials for your house include asphalt shingle, metal roofing, tile roofing, wood shake roofing, slate roofing, and clay roofing. 

Each has different benefits and drawbacks. Asphalt shingle roofs are inexpensive and easy to install, but they tend to leak after several years. Metal roofing is durable and long-lasting but requires professional installation. Tile roofing is expensive but lasts longer than other types of roofing. Slate roofing is also expensive, but it is the longest-lasting option.

Should I have attic insulation installed?

If you can afford it, then yes, since attic insulation is important for energy efficiency. 

Having attic insulation installed will help keep heat out of your house during the summer months. It will also help keep your house warmer and saves money on heating costs in the winter. In addition, attic insulation will help prevent moisture damage from water seeping into attics.

What type of flashing should be used?

Roof flashing is a protective covering for metal roofs, usually made from galvanized steel. Its purpose is to prevent moisture from leaking into the building through the roof. 

Professional roofers place it on roofs to surround roofing features like chimneys and skylights, thus directing moisture away from them. They also install flashing at the bottom of the roof slope, where water runs off. This prevents it from entering the building through the roof.

Two common types of roofing flashing are drip edge and lap joint. Drip edge flashing has a flat surface that covers the entire length of the roof. Lap joints cover only part of the roof length and overlap at the ends. Top installers know the importance of installing them correctly to avoid the risk of moisture damage.

What type and color of roofing nails should I use?

When you install a new roof, you need to choose the right roofing nail. The best choice is galvanized steel nails, which are strong and last longer. Galvanized steel nails are also available in different colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, etc.

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