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Solar panels are a great way to gain energy independence from your utility company. You can take your home’s solar energy production a step further and install batteries that store the excess energy that solar panels produce, thus taking full control of your solar system’s renewable energy production and reducing your carbon footprint.

To meet your home’s electric energy needs when solar panels can’t produce electricity—during the night, for instance—you can use the energy saved in your home battery storage system instead of buying utility grid power. When the amount of energy produced by the sun is greater than the energy needed to power your home, a solar battery backup system can store the excess energy generated by your residential solar installation. 

Batteries are also great during a power outage when the grid is not delivering any electricity to your home, as they can provide emergency backup power to your appliances, keep the lights on, and save you from the trouble of a blackout without electric power. 

An off-grid solar system with backup power is a popular solution that can satisfy the needs of a summer home, cabin, or off-grid home in a remote site. If you have few appliances and average needs in terms of electricity consumption, you can install solar panels and a battery system to make your off-grid solar home totally independent from the utility company. Your home solar battery system will charge from the solar energy harnessed on your roof’s solar array during the day, and provide the electric energy needed during the night or when it’s too cloudy and the sun isn’t shining.

Solar Prime USA is a leading solar panel installer in Florida. We design and install the best solar panels and the right backup energy storage solution for every situation. We have installed hundreds of solar panel and battery storage systems in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach. 

Contact us now and turn your home into an independent energy producer, increase your home’s appeal and value, and start saving money. Reduce the cost of your solar investment by taking advantage of the federal solar tax credit and the state of Florida sales tax exemption that covers all solar and battery components.

Why do I need an energy storage system?

Cut down on your energy bill

The most important benefit of solar battery storage is that you cut down on your energy bill. A system without solar batteries must get electricity from the utility company when the solar panels are sitting idle—during the night for example (although there are solar panels that can charge even at night). 

When you have batteries, you are supplying the stored energy to your home when you need it. During the day, when the sun is high up in the sky, you are producing more electricity than you can consume. This excess can be used to charge the batteries using solar charge controllers. The energy stored can be used after 6.00 pm when the solar panels are not producing any energy. 

The only time you will need your utility company is when your batteries are empty and there is very little sunlight to power the solar panels. These are relatively rare instances in Florida, where the sun is shining 240 days a year. After all, Miami, Tampa, and Key West are among the 25 sunniest cities in the United States. 

You have power during a grid outage

Power outages due to extreme weather are becoming more common. A backup battery storage system can power your home safely and securely. 

The latest technology can keep storing energy in the batteries even when the grid system is down. Thanks to hybrid inverter technology, your batteries can fill up during the day and provide electricity to your home until the system is back up. 

Depending on the size and type of batteries you install, you will be able to power a considerable portion of your appliances and cover a significant percentage of your electricity needs. 

Good for the planet

When you install a backup storage system you use less electricity from the utility company. Most utility companies produce electricity from fossil fuels but your energy is sustainable and clean. You are doing something good for the environment and the air your children breathe.

Solar Prime USA for your solar battery backup

Solar Prime USA is an industry-leading solar battery backup installer in Florida. Our expertise stretches from solar panels to battery backup and we can install different battery technologies that match your needs. 

Trusted battery manufacturers

We work with the best battery manufacturers such as Tesla, LG, Enphase, and Panasonic, among others. 

Hybrid inverters

We can install hybrid inverters to keep your system harnessing solar power even when the grid is out. Thanks to the batteries, your solar panel backup systems will recharge during the day and deliver electricity when needed. 

Routing electricity to home essentials 

If the batteries you plan on installing can’t cover the full extent of your electricity needs, we can design a battery storage installation that only powers the essential parts of your home during an outage. This can be the fridge, the AC in one room, and the lights in the kitchen and bathroom. The solar battery installation can also be used as a power source for your office if you work from home. 

You tell us what is crucial in your household and we route electricity to the essential appliances that meet your needs in case of grid failure.

Why Solar Prime USA?

Why should you trust Solar Prime USA? Because we know everything about solar panels and offer the best solar battery backup systems and support. 

We know battery technology

We have the necessary know-how to install your solar battery backup. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained. Just like solar panels differ, so do batteries. From lead-acid batteries to nickel-cadmium, nickel-magnesium cobalt, and lithium-ion battery technology, there are many different batteries to choose from depending on your specific circumstances. 

Depth of discharge

The depth of discharge is how much of the energy stored in the battery must be used before the battery starts storing energy again. 

Batteries are often categorized according to the number of cycles they can be used. That means how many times they can reach their depth of discharge. Batteries that reach their depth of discharge often will last the least. 

All you need to do is tell us about your lifestyle, power usage, and home needs, and we will find the best solar battery type for you. 

Florida weather conditions and solar panels

As a solar panel installer in Florida, we are local to our service area and know how harsh weather conditions can be in our State. We choose the best solar panel mounts and are careful to attach solar panels and batteries securely so they can withstand high winds, hurricanes, and other extreme weather events. 

Contact Solar Prime USA

Contact us now for more information about our products and services on offer, the pros and cons of battery types and battery bank storage capacity, AGM batteries cost, lithium-ion batteries cost, integrated powerwall systems, off-grid solar systems costs, and everything you need for a house with solar power panels and storage batteries. 

Call us to book an appointment, get a free quote on the best energy storage solution for your house, and start producing clean energy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the lifespan of a solar panel battery?

Solar batteries last from 10 to 15 years depending on the technology used, the type of battery, and the usage you make of them. For example, if you don’t reach the depth of discharge very often, your batteries will last longer. In the case of Florida where the sun is almost always shining, you can safely expect not to reach the depth of discharge very often. 

Also, if you keep up with battery maintenance, your batteries will last longer. Batteries installed in an open area are exposed to the elements and will last less. If you can store your batteries in your garage, they will last longer.

Do solar batteries require maintenance?

The maintenance cost of solar batteries is minimum. Some types of batteries, such as flow batteries, require a little more maintenance (membrane cleaning, filling up some fluid levels) but in general most solar battery systems require cleaning with water and baking soda and checking that there are no acid leaks that can be harmful to human health.

Can I install batteries in an existing solar panel system?

There are ways to add a battery system to an existing solar panel installation. Solar Prime USA has the know-how to design a cost-efficient and reliable solar battery system and incorporate it into an existing solar panel design. 

However, we might have fewer battery choices and may be limited by current technology.

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julie Castro
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Delice brain
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