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The benefits of going solar in Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Going solar in Fort Lauderdale, Fl is the easiest thing possible: as long as the sun rises in the morning, you will have power. The philosophy behind solar panel installation is to harness this power to produce electricity from sustainable sources.

With the development of technology and new materials, solar panels are becoming ever more capable of capturing sunlight and transforming it into electricity. Florida is one of the sunniest states in the United States Places and places like Fort Lauderdale, FL are blessed with almost 3,000 hours of sunshine per year. 

What is your average monthly utility bill?


Solar Panels Save Money

Once you have installed your solar panel in Fort Lauderdale FL, you can start reaping the benefits of sunshine right away. They will start producing electricity and your energy bill will decrease significantly.

Depending on the available amount of sunshine, the angle of the roof, and the size of your panels, you could minimize your electricity bill and power your whole Fort Lauderdale house. Solar companies in Fort Lauderdale, Fl are happy to show you how.

If you want to diminish your monthly utility bills and you live in a place such as Fort Lauderdale FL, investing in solar panels will help you easily achieve your money-saving goal. Importantly, this is true for both homes and companies in Fort Lauderdale.

Solar panels increase the value of your home

Whether you own a residential or commercial property in Fort Lauderdale FL, a panel is a great financial investment. Properties with solar panels installed on top of their roofs display better net value than conventional ones. Fort Lauderdale buyers love houses that offer the prospect of lower energy bills and the potential for energy independence.

Going solar in Fort Lauderdale, Fl benefits you in more ways than you may have realized. Companies that install solar panels enjoy decreased energy costs but homeowners benefit as well. The average added value for a house with a solar system in Fort Lauderdale, Fl is over 4% higher compared to other properties [1]. As energy bills increase, this bonus is expected to further increase as more prospective Fort Lauderdale homeowners opt for money-saving options.

Even if you install solar panels and move to a new house in Fort Lauderdale, Fl shortly after, the better price you will get from your Fort Lauderdale property will offset the cost of installing it. Not to mention that homes that have invested in a solar installation sell faster.

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Solar energy makes your Fort Lauderdale, FL property eco-friendly

If you are looking for ways to make your Fort Lauderdale, Florida home more eco-friendly and can afford the extra cost, you only have to add a battery for storing the extra solar energy you have captured. Should the grid fail for whatever reason, your battery will kick in and give your property all the power it needs. Alternatively, net metering will credit you for the electricity you add to the grid.

Solar energy solutions can thus offer you much in the way of autonomy and peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about any grid problems.

Available tax credits and rebates

With so many benefits, it is no wonder that the government is offering many related incentives to both companies and homeowners in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Specifically, the federal government offers a Federal Solar Tax Credit for homeowners with solar energy solutions. This means your income tax will be lower, thus lowering the cost of your investment.

In addition, some states offer investment tax credits that let you lower your state tax. These may be added to the federal tax credit so that many homeowners benefit from both of these tax credits simultaneously. In Fort Lauderdale, Fl a 30% Tax Credit may be applied toward the principal balance. This will re-amortize and lower your monthly payments based on your new principal balance. Also, Floridians are exempt from paying the 6% sales tax on solar panels.

Finally, some states offer rebates for any home or business with a solar system. These rebates lower the initial investment and help your solar installation pay faster for themselves. It should be noted that there are no statewide solar panel rebates offered by the state of Florida.

Besides lowering the overall cost, solar installation tax credits and rebates also bring forward the break-even point. That is when your investment has been paid off by the lower bills. Once you pass the break-even point on your project, you both save money and generate pure profit!

Solar companies in Fort Lauderdale, Fl are happy to help you with all matters related to your solar panel installation. If you live in Fort Lauderdale, Fl we will guide you throughout the entire solar installation process and provide you with all the necessary steps required to make the switch to clean, renewable solar power at an affordable price. Learn about solar financing here!

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Panels are good for the environment

Going solar in Fort Lauderdale, Fl is more than an excellent, cost-effective investment for a company or homeowner. A solar panel on your roof does not generate any pollution, CO2, or harmful emissions. Unlike fossil fuels that deplete the quality of the air we breathe, solar power is a carbon-free solution.

Even better, you don’t have to be some sort of certified solar company or utility company to become a Florida solar producer. When you invest in solar installations, you benefit from cost-free green energy generated by a sustainable source that is unlikely to dry up for the next 5.5 billion years. You are also replacing the energy produced from dirty fossil fuels, which means that fewer fossil fuels are burnt to power your property.

Sunlight is a reliable power source

In areas like Fort Lauderdale, Fl the sun is reliably shining down daily. All you need is a solar system installed by a trusted installer such as Solar Prime USA who will advise you on the best policy and materials for you at an affordable price.

Modern materials capture sunlight even in cloudy conditions. When you go solar, you have a reliable, constant, free, and consistent source of electricity for your Fort Lauderdale, Fl property and even beyond, such as if you use it to charge an electric vehicle (EV).


Your property is prepared for the future

There are many energy solutions but Fort Lauderdale, Fl solar companies and solar installers are the future — and with good reason: the world is rapidly moving to lower carbon emissions, fewer fossil fuels, and better environmental management. Even when it comes to cars, an increasing number of people are switching to electric vehicles. This means you may charge your EV with the power your system is producing rather than going to the gas station. Not only are solar solutions and services eco-friendly but great for your electric bill as well!

New Fort Lauderdale, Fl buildings are often built with improved methods and great attention to sustainability. They are commonly equipped with solar panels and various eco-friendly construction methods.

Even if you own an older home in Fort Lauderdale, Fl you can be at the forefront of development by investing in solar panels to make the best of the coming tide. Your Fort Lauderdale, Fl home will be better prepared for the upcoming changes and you will have the certainty your property is keeping its value.

Panels require little maintenance

Contrary to common assumptions, a Fort Lauderdale, Fl solar panel doesn’t require expensive service or maintenance. You just need to clean it once per year with some water to remove any dust and particles. That’s it! They can also be built anywhere, from a mountain’s top to the beach.

Modern solar systems are durable and built for the long term. New solar panel materials and better production methods mean that solar panels are stronger, service-free, and more efficient than ever, making them an attractive project for businesses and homes alike.

Most solar panel manufacturers provide warranties that often stretch to 25 years. Your solar panel will be fully functioning for the next 25 years, by which time you will have recouped the initial investment and have made plenty of profit from it.

Once you install your solar panel, it’s working

You don’t have to wait a long time for your Fort Lauderdale, Fl solar panels to start working. Once installed, they will start generating power with the first ray of sunshine. If you have a battery installed, you don’t even need to wait for a policy to kick in or any licenses or connections to the grid. Your Fort Lauderdale, Fl system will work from day one.

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With so many professional solar system companies and installers in Fort Lauderdale, Fl how do you choose the right one for you?

There are many local solar companies and solar installers offering their professional services but check out our great reviews if you live in or near Fort Lauderdale, Fl to see why Solar Prime USA is the best solar installation company for your home or business.

Contact us now online or call 954-8888-438 to book your appointment, find out more about solar power, and get your free quote. Our certified technicians will be with you to discuss your project, the available tax incentives, and possible green installations for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do solar panels need maintenance?

Solar panels require minimum maintenance. Once they have been installed by professionals and professionally attached to the racking, they start working and never stop.

If you want to optimize your panels’ efficiency, you can clean them on a yearly basis with water to remove any residual dust and debris. This makes them more reflective of sunlight. You don’t need to service your solar panels or replace any parts. They are meant to work hard for your home, every day of the year.

How much electricity will my solar panels generate?

The amount of electricity your solar panels generate depends on the system size you install and the overall sunshine they are exposed to. A normal-sized solar panel usually generates 350 to 420 Watts. When we design your system, we take into consideration your household’s electricity consumption and come up with a system that produces the amount of electricity you use. Solar panels that have the maximum sunshine exposure will perform the best and the most efficiently.

Can you install solar panels on any roof?

We have installed hundreds of solar panels on many different roof types and sizes. South-facing roofs are the most favorable because they have the best sun exposure and will generate electricity for longer hours. The technicians at Solar Prime USA can adjust their design and the choice of solar panels to make the most of any roof surface, no matter the size, slope, angle, or sun exposure.

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julie Castro
Helpful with school project, very knowledgeable staff and helped with solar project at Osceola Adventist Christian School.
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Delice brain
They installed my solar system a few months ago ! I am very satisfied solar prime did the job good ! I didn’t pay anything before they installed everything on my roof ! I have 23 panels 370 watts it’s good for me 🌞
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Rachelle Monchille
Thank you very much Solar prime usa they took good care of me , the installation of the solar system took 2 months! Representative was always responsive to all my questions! They came several time to check that my solar system was correctly installed! I recommend strongly this company 👍👍
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Samuel Micelus
Thank you solarprime usa its a great company and very good customer service , the permits was slow because of the city , but after this everything went very well , solar system is producing!
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Roland Presume
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If you're looking for a solar company that values care, honesty & having your best interests at heart then use Solar Prime USA. These guys will look after you from start to finish and make sure you save as much money as possible

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