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Solar Services

Solar Prime USA is your one stop shop for all your solar energy needs. Specializing in sales and marketing for residential solar panel installations. Solar Prime USA provides industry leading solar consultations to homeowners and businesses.

Solar Prime USA will guide you throughout the entire solar process and provide you with all the necessary steps required to make the switch to clean, renewable energy.

The Benefits of Solar Services

  • No money out of pocket

  • Fixed Payments

  • Fixed Interest Rates

  • Fixed Terms

  • Zero payments during the intro period

    (typically lenders will offer you 3 to 6 months free after system activation)

  • 30% Tax Credit

    Can be Applied Towards the Principal Balance Which Will Re-amortize and Lower Your Monthly Payments Based On Your New Principal Balance

  • Lower Monthly Payments

    than your current electric bill in most cases

  • Not subject to future rate increases and inflation

  • Options to pay off your loan early

    with no prepayment penalties or fees

  • Loan transferability of solar monthly payments

    to the new homeowners when or if you sell your home

  • Warranties can be transferred

    to the new homeowner if you sell your home

  • Increased property value

Permit & Installation Roadmap

Step 1

Sign the Agreement

Review the proposal and sign the agreement paperwork to get the process started.

Step 2

Finalize System Design

We will perform a site visit to ensure that all of the
equipment can be installed and start the permitting process.

Step 3

System Installation

We will schedule an installation date once the building department and the utility grant us permission to install the system.

Step 4


We will request for inspection from the city. Once that is complete the utility will install a net meter and give you permission to turn on your system.

Step 5

System Operational

Flip the switch to turn your system on and start generating clean renewable energy on your roof.

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