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Solar Installation Services in Pompano Beach, FL

You don’t have to fear power outages and huge increases in your electricity bill. There is a sustainable and efficient solution to turn your Pompano Beach home into an independent energy producer, and that’s by installing a solar system at an affordable cost.

Solar panels gather the sunrays and work to turn that into electricity through an inverter. You can then use your solar system to power all your Pompano Beach home appliances, lights, and AC free of cost.

Solar Prime USA is one of the leading solar panel installers in Florida. We have years of work experience and have installed hundreds of solar energy solutions across the Sunshine State and Pompano Beach.

Solar power is infinite, so you don’t have to fear ever running out of electric energy for your Pompano Beach, Fl house or business. Now that the federal government is offering tax incentives for installing a solar system, you have all the motivation you need. Trust professional installers Solar Prime USA to install a solar system on your Pompano Beach home’s roof and benefit from the sun’s energy.

What is your average monthly utility bill?

The benefits of installing a solar system in Pompano Beach, Fl

A solar system lets you pay much less in utility bills

The most important benefit of installing a solar system in Pompano Beach, Fl is the reduced cost of utility bills: your electricity bill will drop immensely—possibly to zero.

Your Pompano Beach solar installation will turn solar energy into electricity, which you can use in your home or direct to the electricity grid. In both cases, you are producing energy instead of having to pay for it through your utility company. Your roof becomes a solar energy supplier for your Pompano Beach, Fl home.

You don’t have to fear electric outages

Electric outages are becoming more frequent with hurricanes, storms, and extreme weather conditions. When you have your own solar panel you can turn your home into an independent energy supplier. You will have cost free electric power when everybody else is in the dark. A solar panel makes your home energy independent and autonomous. You can even go completely off-grid if you install an optional battery rather than opting for a contract.

Solar is infinite

You don’t have to fear you will run out of sunshine! For the next billions of years, the sun will keep shining. You will be producing cost free solar electricity from a renewable, infinite, and sustainable energy source. What’s more, you don’t have to fear increases in the cost of oil or gas. Solar energy is free so you don’t have to dread price fluctuations. Indeed, with a contract signed, you can do more than enjoy significant savings: you can sell electricity back to the grid, thus profiting from your investment in more ways than one!

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Our solar panel installation process

As longtime installers, we have put in place a simple, easy-to-follow solar installation process at an affordable cost. Here at Solar Prime USA, we work tirelessly to be your one-stop-shop solar company in the Pompano Beach, Fl area. Once you have signed a contract with us, we take care of everything, from issuing the permit to the inspection.

We give you peace of mind because we care about our customers. We know that sometimes novel things can be intimidating, but to us, solar is our passion. We are one of the leading local solar installers in Pompano Beach, Fl and install panels daily, so we know everything about solar energy and the resulting savings. We will also inform you of the available solar incentives in the form of a tax credit or other incentives.

Why choose our solar panel installation company

Based on our extensive experience and know-how, we will design the best solar panel systems for you. When installing a solar system, many factors come into play, such as the roof angle, the sunlight it is exposed to, and its size. We will also take into account your needs and desires: for example, are you interested in pool heating? If so, you may need a solar water heater. No two solar installations are the same and we consider customization to be a key part of our customer service. That’s what makes us one of the best solar companies in Florida and why our installation services are different from those offered by other solar companies.

Because we work extensively in Pompano Beach, we know that weather conditions can be challenging. Homeowners across Florida must face extreme heat, humidity, storms, and hurricanes. Our solar panels have been chosen for their durability, affordable cost, and efficiency. Our technicians and installers have special expertise to attach the best panels to withstand high winds and extreme weather. We can even fix your roof if necessary, to make sure that your installation will provide you with solar power for decades without any problems!

Steps Involved in Installing Solar Panels in Pompano Beach, Fl

Our solar installation process is divided into five steps. 

The first is to discuss the best way for going solar. 

Next, we sign an agreement where you choose Solar Prime USA to be your solar installers. We then finalize the design, which we then install. Next, the city inspects the solar system and your utility company installs the net metering. Your solar system is now ready to go: you are producing cost free solar electric power on your roof. Energy independence has never been easier!

Services we offer as a solar company in Pompano Beach, Fl

What makes Solar Prime USA the best local installers for you is that our people will take care of the full project, from beginning to completion. Permits, solar panel choice and design, city inspection, and net metering connection are things we take care of. Our installers give you peace of mind because we know our job as a solar panel company in Pompano Beach, Fl.

Get in touch for solar panel installation in the Pompano Beach, Fl area

Contact us now online or call 954-8888-438 to book your appointment, find out more about solar power and how to go solar, and get your free quote. Our certified installers will be with you to discuss your Pompano Beach project, the available solar tax incentives, and possible green installations for you. Check out our customers’ reviews to find out why we are the top choice for residential and business customers interested in renewable energy. Our roofing experts can even advise you on how to maximize your solar exposure and fix any roof problems you may have!

Visit us at 2115 Hollywood Blvd Suite 203, Hollywood, FL 33020, for more information on our best solar terms and to learn about our Zero Down program! We serve local communities such as Harris, Brazoria, Montgomery, Galveston, Miramar, Pompano Beach, and Fort Bend County.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is solar energy a smart investment in Pompano Beach, Fl?

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, solar energy offers you one of the best investments homeowners can make. Electricity prices in the Pompano Beach, Fl area are fluctuating widely and are bound to be unpredictable in the future. Producing electricity from solar power will help protect you from electricity price spikes and saves you money on your electric bill.

Not only does this result in lower utility bills but solar panels also increase the value of your home by 4% on average, should you choose to sell your property at some point in the future.

Do solar panels require maintenance?

Once you have installed your solar panels, you need minimal maintenance. You could clean your Pompano Beach solar panels with water to remove dust and debris, but that’s not really necessary. All solar panels come with a warranty and their lifespan goes beyond 25 years.

Is Florida a good state for solar panels?

Florida is called the Sunshine State with good reason, as it has more than 2900 hours of sunshine, or 230 days of pure sunshine per year! Solar panels are made for such environments, because your panels will give you cost free electricity constantly as long as the sun shines.

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