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☀️ Whenever your solar system produces more energy than your home needs, that excess energy can be sold back to the utility under the ‘’Net Metering’’ rule. ☀️ Electric rates have increased about 15% in the past 10 years. Solar power protects you against utility inflation! ☀️ Some states, like Florida and Arizona, also exempt solar installations from sales tax! ☀️ Solar installations, on average, increase the value of your home by 4.1% ☀️

What we do

We take pride in providing solar panel installation to the whole state of Florida as one of the best solar companies here. Solar Prime USA is one of the few installation companies that genuinely takes pride in our work and offers excellent services to our customers. As one of the best solar companies in the area, we know it’s essential for many to go green, and we fully support that cause! Every day we strive to help more people convert to solar, not only to help you save money but to help the Earth.

Discover the advantages of leasing solar panels with Solar Prime USA:

🌞 0% Interest Rate: No interest charges, making it budget-friendly

🌞 Zero Money Down: Start your solar journey without upfront costs

🌞 Fixed Monthly Payments: Predictable payments lower than your utility bill

🌞 Best Warranty Coverage: Enjoy peace of mind with comprehensive bumper-to-bumper coverage for 25 years

🌞 Option to Own: Purchase the solar system later for complete ownership

🌞 Transferable Lease: Easily transfer the lease when selling your home

🌞 And a lot more!

The Only Drawback: No 30% Tax Credit

Leasing doesn’t qualify for the 30% tax credit, but our analysis proves it’s still a more cost-effective option. With 0% interest and half the cost, leasing outshines financing, especially with today’s high-interest rates.

Make the Switch Today!

Solar Prime USA offers an affordable pathway to solar energy. Contact us now to start saving money and embracing a brighter future with solar power.

Solar incentives in Florida

Solar panels are becoming less expensive with all the incentives and credits put in place. The average costs range, but $24,000 is the national standard. Many factors impact the final cost of solar power. Those that don’t reside within the service coverage areas of a solar company may have to pay more, although we cover the whole state.

Tax incentives

It is one of the most common renewable energy sources, and its availability is increasing by the day. To help more people to be able to buy a solar system, some states, including Arizona, California, and Florida, offer tax incentives. That means you will be exempt from paying any state sales tax when purchasing our solar panel systems!

Tax credit

Not only that, but Florida has extended their tax credits until 2032. This means that you can get up to 30% off the cost of installing solar panels. We also take pride in offering our services at reasonable prices. It has never been more affordable for people to buy the best solar energy systems!

Solar Installation

Get to know our solar systems better than from our reviews. Learn more about the best solar installations to choose one of the best companies in Florida which specializes in installing solar systems for your home. As solar energy becomes more and more popular, we’re among the best solar companies with services in Florida. Learn more about our process.

Cost of Solar

If you’re already here, you probably realize that the cost of the best residential solar installation isn’t low. High prices and the total cost of it often discourage homeowners from making the best choice for their pockets and the planet. Find out more about the costs of the best solar systems that the best solar companies in Florida charge and later, find out how to finance your investment.

Solar Financing

Let’s say you’re already convinced that going solar in your area is the best choice for your home. Great! But are you worried about the cost of the best solar panels for you? Read about the best solar opportunities that lay behind solar solutions in Florida, and choose solar incentives that will help you start using solar systems for your benefit. Thus, you will be able to reduce the high costs, and your cost of going solar will be lower.

Roofing Installation

We’re experts when it comes to solar energy in Florida, and it is also confirmed by our reviews from our clients. Yet we also offer additional services apart from the best solar panels. Among them is everything you might need for roofing installation. We realize that finding a reliable roofer might be problematic. We are convinced that we can also support you with any roofing problem, so just get in touch with us.

Roof Repair

Just like with roofing installations, we are here to support you with your roof repairs. We realize that different things can happen and sometimes you need to find an immediate helping hand with services for your roof. Especially when it is leaking and your items are endangered. Our expertise is in anything related to roofs, so just contact us for a quote.

Solar Battery Backup

Solar battery storage is the best solution when you are tired of energy outages. Solar panel systems with the best solar battery storage are a way for homeowners and companies to become more efficient and independent thanks to solar. Just like with using a Tesla solar powerwall. Sunpower is a mighty source of solar energy, so why not decide on it and avoid more stress?

Solar incentives in Florida

Solar Energy


How do solar panels work?

If the panels are in the sunlight, they will absorb it with the PV cells inside. As they travel through the panel, they are converted to direct current electricity, which is then converted into the same electricity you use to run your TV or fridge. This process is quite complicated, but the only part you need to worry about is calling today to start.

Factors at play

Solar power generators use sunlight to absorb energy in a home. The quality and amount of solar energy a system generates depends upon several factors. Some factors include the amount of sunlight, the quality of the panels, roof orientation, and more. To ensure that you’ll be getting the most from your money, before installation, we come out to survey if your house would be a good fit. This means it should be in direct sunlight and have suitable roofing. We also use high-quality solar panels, so our customers truly get the best of the best.

Before your solar panels are installed

At Solar Prime USA, we offer a simple five-step plan to get your solar energy system up and running. We are considered one of the best solar companies around because we look out for the customers’ interests during every step.


Before starting the process, your house will have to undergo inspection. Each system requires a home inspection that enables the solar installation team to determine the equipment needed. Generally, this solar inspection will ensure that your panels are properly installed for the next 25-30 years.

You will also review our power purchase agreement, which states that you approve of our installation. Our professionals will also ensure that your roof is in a suitable condition.

Why choose us out of all the solar companies?

You may be wondering why you should choose us from all the installation companies, such as Blue Raven Solar, Momentum Solar, Palmetto Solar, ADT Solar, etc. The answer is simple; we truly care about our clients.

We include them through every step of their journey and have been praised as the best solar installation company in all of Florida. Don’t believe us? Just check out our glowing reviews from clients and amazing customer support. We ensure that the customer understands the whole buying and installation process so they know exactly what they’re buying.

Other solar companies often try to upcharge you or leave you in the dark about what will happen. At Solar Prime USA, we don’t. We charge you the cost of our solar equipment and solar installers. Besides that, we try to keep our prices low, so many people can start using our services. We also offer a 25-year warranty for all of our customers!

We care for you

We also know what’s best for your needs as a customer. Solar panel installation should take place in a spot with good direct sunlight for optimal energy generation.

The factors are mainly dependent on the location of the house, the presence of big trees, and the types of panels used. The best solar company, Solar Prime USA, to buy solar energy for your home already considers all the necessary aspects of efficiency as well as the costs of installation.

How we help

We have options for financing projects, such as solar loans. The cost of electricity from solar panels varies depending on several factors. Solar Power Industries Association estimates the average cost of residential solar rooftop systems ranging up to 6,000 watts is $18,000, without tax credits.
So, if you’re looking for the best solar company near you, you’ve already come to the right place!

Other services

Here at Solar Prime USA, we also offer other services to our valued customers. This is to ensure that their installation goes smoothly, as planned.

Financing Options

There’s no need to be afraid of the price of solar panel companies. With our financing options, you’ll be able to afford them in no time. Solar Prime USA offers unique opportunities where you can start your purchase with zero money out of pocket.

That means we can start the installation process almost immediately after your first call or visit. The great thing is you will only be paying a fixed amount for a fixed term. Plus, you can always pay it off early with no prepayment penalties.

Some solar companies offer a solar loan, similar to our financing options, where you will pay monthly. These loans are considered a second mortgage, and missed payments will affect your credit score, so keep that in mind before you take out a solar loan. We suggest using our financing opportunities because it may be less of a burden on your monthly payments, and you won’t have to worry about it affecting your credit.


We also offer unique roofing services to our customers. Unlike some other solar companies that may be near you, we provide roof repairs to our homeowners. This means that if your roof needs to be in better shape for us to start our installation, we can schedule a visit from our roofer team to fix it up for you. This is a good option for many of our homeowners with busy schedules or who want to get their solar panel installation done as soon as possible.

Or, if you’re looking for a reliable roofer company near you, you can schedule an appointment for our professionals to come out and evaluate your roof before getting to work.

We care about our customers and want what’s best for the Earth at Solar Prime USA!

Get a free drone video of your solar system filmed

Are you satisfied with your new solar panels? You can get a free video of your new solar system filmed by request. We love offering this service to our happy homeowners, and we know they enjoy it too. Feel free to contact us and take advantage of this service today!

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