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Shingle roofing is the most common and affordable roofing system for homes in Florida. Shingles are versatile, easy to install, and cost-efficient and have a lifespan that stretches to 20-30 years. 

As one of the top FL roofing contractor companies, Solar Prime USA has replaced and installed hundreds of shingle roofs in Florida, Fl, completing each residential roofing and commercial roofing project from start to finish with exceptional customer service. 

As professional roofing contractors, our Solar Prime USA roof technicians always follow best practices when replacing your roof, in the repairs carried out on an existing roof, and when installing a new shingle roof.

Roof installation and replacement are major investments in your home. Shingle roofing systems have been shown to be durable and reasonably priced and can be tailor-made to fit the aesthetic and architectural style of your home. 

One of the great benefits of a shingle roof system is that it can be repaired without needing to replace the whole roof. Roof experts can replace broken or cracked shingles with new ones. Sometimes, we are required to replace a series of shingles for maximum insulation and waterproofness. You can trust Solar Prime USA to give you professional advice on the state of your roof. 

Our exceptional workmanship coupled with a reliable manufacturer’s warranty on each and every roofing material we use means your asphalt shingle roofing installation will stand strong for years to come. A roof is among the first things people notice in any home and your home will improve its curb appeal as well as its insulation.

As one of the best roofing companies in Florida for all residential and commercial roof types, Solar Prime USA is a roofing contractor you can trust for any type of roof replacement, repair, or installation, and for asphalt roof shingles, metal roofing, tile roof replacement, or for a flat roof.

Benefits of shingle roofs

Shingle roofs are very practical, affordable, and familiar in the United States and Florida. 


Shingle roofs are affordable. They are cost-effective, yet long-lasting. Homeowners and business owners prefer shingle roofs because they don’t require as much investment as compared to a metal roof, a concrete tile roof, or a clay tile roof. 


Shingle roofs can last between 20 and 30 years with the right maintenance. It is good to regularly check your shingles for cracks and replace any broken ones. Sometimes shingles get moldy or debris gets stuck to them. You need to keep a regular maintenance schedule with Solar Prime USA to extend the lifespan of your shingle roof.  

Many colors

You might think that shingles are boring but they come in a wide variety of colors, from different shades of gray to browns, tans, terracotta, and greens. 

You are sure to find the shingle color that matches your home and upgrades the aesthetic and curb appeal of your house or building. Our team is more than happy to offer you advice if needed!

Different textures

There are several different shingle textures and qualities to choose from, depending on your budget and the style you aim to achieve. 

To understand the various qualities of shingles, it is good to know how shingles are made. 

There is a foundation of fiberglass, which acts as the base where the other materials will blend. 

Asphalt is then mixed with other materials, such as limestone rock. 

Rock granules are then ground and spread onto the asphalt. These rock granules give shingles their characteristic colors. In more advanced shingles, the shingle is coated with an extra layer to reflect sunrays away from the shingle itself. Additionally, some shingles have an anti-algae coating to stop the development of mold.

3-tab shingles or asphalt shingles

These are the simplest and most affordable shingle types. Asphalt shingles made following the aforementioned technique are the most common type of shingles available on the market. 

They have a flat look that mimics slates and creates a homogenous look on your roof. 

Architectural or dimensional shingles

Architectural shingles have three layers of shingles attached to each other. They are much heavier than the original shingles and have a more textured look. Because they are heavier, they can better withstand high winds, hurricanes, and storms. They are also more expensive to install but offer longer warranties.  

Luxury shingles

Luxury shingles are a step above dimensional shingles. They display a highly textured aspect which brings out the elegance of all architectural styles. They mimic almost perfectly slates but with a more three-dimensional effect. Their weathering properties are high above the rest of the shingle categories. 

Easy to install

Shingles are easy to install. This is one of the reasons why shingle roofs are cheaper than other types of roofs. Of course, you still need a professional team of experts from Solar Prime USA to install your shingle roof for optimal results and if you want workmanship and manufacturer’s warranties. 


Shingles are fire-resistant. Your home or business will not be exposed to fire entering through the roof.

Maintaining and repairing shingles roofs

Shingle roofs require regular maintenance. Shingles can peel and crack and can also grow moss. Debris also tends to stick to shingles. If shingles get loose and fly off, you need to replace them as soon as possible to protect the integrity of your home from roof leaks. 

Solar Prime USA roof technicians can repair and maintain shingles roofs. We are honest in our assessment of the state of your roof. Whenever a roof can be safely repaired, we will do so. 

If more than 25% of your shingles roof is damaged or compromised, we suggest you replace the whole roof because the cost of repair outweighs the average roof replacement cost of a new roof. A new shingles roof will increase your home’s curb appeal and add value to your home. You will also benefit from renewed warranties on labor and materials and have peace of mind that you won’t have to deal with a roof emergency any time soon.

Solar Prime USA for your shingle roof maintenance, repair, and installation

Solar Prime USA is an industry-leading Florida roofing company. Our experienced and skilled roofers have installed plenty of roofs across Florida. 

We are local to our service area and know all about Florida’s extreme weather conditions. Our roof installation crews install and maintain shingles roofs to withstand storms, hurricanes, hailstorms, and strong winds. 

We take pride in the quality of work we provide and the workmanship of our roof technicians. Solar Prime USA is a reliable and professional roofing company. 

Through our experience, we know that no two roofs are similar. Slopes, angles, chimneys, vents, and skylights make each and every roof a different project. Our goal is to provide tailored-made approaches which are affordable and sturdy.


Is it better to install 3-tab or architectural shingles in Florida?

Florida is a stunning state but is prone to hurricanes and strong winds. Architectural shingles are heavier and sturdier than 3-tab ones. They are more wind-resistant and less likely to deteriorate or fly away during hurricane season. If you can afford it, we suggest you opt for architectural shingles for your Florida home. 

How can I maximize the lifespan of a shingles roof?

The foremost advice is to have your shingles roof installed by professionals. A roofing company like Solar Prime USA will deliver outstanding workmanship and affix the shingles professionally. The final result will be esthetically beautiful—not to mention that you will have extended warranties on labor and materials. 

Here are a few more tips on shingles roof maintenance:

  • Clean your roof of debris and branches. Trim trees that are too close to the shingles roof as the branches can scratch the shingles and damage them. 
  • Call on Solar Prime USA to book a roof inspection after hurricane season and replace curled, broken, or cracked shingles. This will protect the underlayment and your roof structure from serious water damage. Insurance companies expect you to mitigate as much damage as you can and require regular roof inspections to ensure that your Florida roof is in the best condition.
  • Ventilate your attic. Let the airflow through to diminish moisture levels, which can be notoriously high in Florida. Moist and hot air should be moving outside the attic to protect your asphalt shingle roof and lower moisture levels. 

Call us today or contact us online, to get a free estimate of your shingle roof repair or shingle roof replacement cost, for advice on possible financing options with favorable terms, and to learn more about our roofing services.

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